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06/04/2016 11:05

Po Nagar Temple

Address: Cu Lao Hill, 2/4 St.,

Open hours: Everyday 06: 00- 18:00


This ancient temple features the unique architecture of the Champa culture. Built between the 8th and 13th centuries during the prosperous reign of Hinduism in the Cham kingdom, the temple is the largest left in Central Vietnam. Twice a day beautiful Cham girls perform traditional Cham dancing at the temple from 8am to 11am and 2pm to 5pm.

06/04/2016 11:04

Long Son Pagoda

Address: 20 23/10 Street

Tel: +84 583 822 558

Opening hours: 7:30 -18:00


Long Son Pagoda with previous name Dang Long Tu which is a popular tourist destination and the oldest pagoda in town. It is located in the ward of Phuong Son, and sits at the foot of Trai Thuy Mountain, was erected on another hill in 1886 under the abbotship of Thich Ngo Chi (1856–1935). In 1900, after a large cyclone, the temple was destroyed and had to be moved from the hill to its current location. The central building is not exceptional, the main

feature instead being the large White Buddha 24m height sitting on top of the hill and 17m long sleeping Buddha. On the Buddha’s birthday – 08th of 04th month in the lunar year, all of monks and followers make a celebration of worshipping to show their respects and pray for peace.

06/04/2016 11:04

Hung King’s Temple

Address: 173 Ngo Gia Tu St., Nha Trang City Tel: +84 583 515 698

Open hours: 08:00 – 10:00/15:00 – 17:00/18:30 – 22:00 everyday & 24 hours opened on the feast day.

Hung King's Temple is located in the center area of city. It is a special place, rich in history, culture, beliefs and traditions because he is well-known as the first emperor in Vietnam. On the 10th of 03th month in the lunar year is the start date of first Vietnamese dynasty, the organizers will make a celebration of worshipping to Hung King in the morning and then the local people will burn incense to show their respects to him.

06/04/2016 11:03

Tu Ton Pagoda

Address: Hon Do Island, Pham Van Dong Street

Opening hours: every day on daytime

This pagoda is perched on a tiny island in the middle of Nha Trang Bay. Stepping stones lead around the island to various altars, some of which are on rocks overlooking the sea. Place with only monks, prayers and peace. Using boat for getting to the island or crossing the sea when water down.

06/04/2016 11:02

Nha Trang Cathedral

Address : Nguyen Trai, Nha Trang

Built between 1928 and 1933 in French Gothic style, complete with stained-glass windows, Nha Trang Cathedral stands on a small hill overlooking the train station. It’s a surprisingly elegant building given that it was constructed of simple cement blocks. Some particularly colourful Vietnamese touches include the red neon outlining the crucifix, the pink back-lighting on the tabernacle and the blue neon arch and white neon halo over the statue of St Mary.


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